Annemarie Wissema – Tutor

Annemarie was raised with complementary medicine, and has spent her most of her life living and breathing natural therapies. After training in the Netherlands as a nurse and naturopath she moved to New Zealand, choosing to settle amongst like-minded natural health practitioners in New Plymouth. Since then Annemarie has worked as a nurse at Southern Cross, and run her own private naturopathic practice alongside her work with reiki and kinesiology. She has tutored at the Naturopathic College off and on for many years, and loves passing on her passion and helping students see the logic and common sense of health when viewed from the naturopathic philosophy.

Top tip: Allow the journey to unfold, and give yourself time to integrate the knowledge acquired. Just about everything you learn will be applied to yourself, so in many ways this learning journey automatically is a healing journey, with all its pitfalls, traumas, frustrations, and eventually achievements.

*Registered nurse, Diploma in Naturopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Certificate in Adult Teaching