Maggie Macnamara – Tutor

Maggie has always understood the importance of food. In fact, her journey began when as an infant, she nearly died through the weaning process. Since then she has gradually healed her body using natural therapies, with fantastic results – as a child she could only eat a dozen or two foods, yet now there are just four foods she can’t eat.

“That’s been pretty powerful. No more asthma, eczema, and very little hay fever and no more pet allergies either.”

Originally from Canada, Maggie became involved with La Leche League after the birth of her first child, and her journey into natural healing took another giant step. She went on to study at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a distance student – an experience that prepared her well for supporting students here at Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing.

Maggie is extremely passionate about food quality, and the numerous benefits that come with improving what we eat. She started growing food and herbs in Vancouver and later bought an organic farm in Nova Scotia where she produced market garden vegetables and dairy goats. After losing her husband a few years later, Maggie felt she needed to re-invent herself, so she formalised her nutrition study and moved to New Zealand.

Shortly after gaining her Diploma in Natural Nutrition she was hired by A2HW, and now as well as tutoring, she is continuing on her self-sufficiency journey, living on a lifestyle block just outside New Plymouth that boasts an abundant garden, orchard and animals.

Top tip: It often takes a number of years to get to a disease state, therefore the journey back will not be a quick one either. There are no magic pills or potions, just help along the way.

*Diploma in Natural Nutrition.