Frequently Asked Questions

We expect you’ll have questions, so to make it easier we have captured the most frequent questions (FAQ’s) we get asked below to get you started.

We welcome your call on 0800 759 0218 or you can get in touch through our Contact Us form.

General FAQ

Are student loans and allowances available?

Yes, our programmes are approved for student loans and allowances if undertaken full time.  Please give us a call to talk through the process and discuss further criteria.

Do you accept international students?

We do not accept international students.  All students must be NZ citizens, residents or Australian citizens.  You cannot study with Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing if you reside overseas.

I havent studied online, is there help to get started?

Before starting the actual course, there is time to look around the online campus.  You will also receive a video welcome to show you the ropes and point you in the direction of useful resources.

Can I work full-time and study?

We don’t recommend it.  However, for some students the work, study and life balance can be managed for a period of time.  We recommend you give us a call to discuss your options.

How computer literate do i need to be?

You’ll need a good knowledge of computer and internet use.  This way you’ll make the most of the online learning tools and resources available to help you succeed.

What computer setup do I need?

You’ll need access to a computer, microsoft word or equivalent, internet access, a printer and a scanner.  In some programmes you may be required to undertake video recordings.  The software for this is free, but you will need a webcam if your computer does not have one built in.

Do I need to purchase text books?

Yes, text books are required to support your study.

A list of text books required can be found on each programme page.  View Our Programmes for a full list.

Will I get to know other students?

Yes!  There are several ways in which this can be done, including forum sessions with fellow students. You will also get to know your tutor.  Our tutors are in regular communication on the phone, skype and via email.

Changing your enrolment

If you need to change to a different course or semester start, you will need to contact us before your course start date. Requests for changes to your enrolment need to be in writing. If you have any questions about changing your enrolment email [email protected], call us on 0800 759 0218.

Change of name
We need to have your full legal name in our records to comply with Ministry of Education requirements and ensure we issue your qualifications in your full legal name. If you change your name after you enrol with us you need to let us know.

Change of address or contact details
If you change your address or any other contact details let us know as soon as possible. This can be done by calling 0800 759 0218 or emailing [email protected]

Fees Free

Fees Free is targeted at first-time learners. You may be able to get one year’s study or two years’ training fees-free.

How do I find out if I am eligible?2023-06-01T13:56:42+12:00

We can help you find out if you are eligible for fees free study. Just call us on 0800 759 0218 or email us.

If you know your NSN number you can also check if you are eligible on the www.feesfree.govt.nz website.
You will need to meet these requirements for fees-free study, you must:

  1. be a New Zealand citizen, or be an Australian or New Zealand resident who has lived here for at least three years; and
  2. not be enrolled in school when your qualification starts, and
  3. not have undertaken previous study or training of more than 60 credits, except while you were at school.
How can I get my National Student Number (NSN)?2023-12-06T15:33:19+13:00

If you are currently at school, you can ask your school for your NSN.

Otherwise talk to the Student Service Team at Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing and we can help you.

You can also contact NZQA on 0800 697 296 (between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday).

Will I be eligible for fees-free if I study part time?2021-08-03T20:51:14+12:00

Yes. You can study full-time or part-time and be eligible for fees-free, providing you meet all of the other eligibility criteria.

What do I do if I find I am eligible for fees-free, but I have already taken out a student loan for my fees?2021-08-03T20:55:46+12:00

StudyLink advises that you should do the following:

  • Log in to your MyStudyLink account and change the ‘Pay fees’ field in your loan application to ‘No’ (NB don’t cancel your loan application completely if you will still need other support from the loan like the living costs and course-related costs)
  • If you were only taking out a loan to pay your fees, and your fees are less than or equal to $12,000, you may choose to cancel your loan application. Call StudyLink on 0800 88 99 00 to talk about cancelling your application.
Do I still need to apply to StudyLink to access fees-free study?2023-12-06T15:34:36+13:00

No, the fees will be paid directly to Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). But if you wish to apply for a student allowance or the two non-fees parts of a student loan (living costs and course-related costs), then you will still need to apply to StudyLink.

It is your choice whether to apply for a student allowance or loan living costs and course-related costs, but if you plan to do so StudyLink encourages prospective students to apply as early as possible, and to provide supporting documents promptly (you can apply online). This will ensure that applications can be assessed in time for the start of the coming academic year.

What do I do if I’m not sure how much previous study I’ve done?2023-12-06T15:36:03+13:00

If you need help confirming your previous study, just call or email our Student Service Team at Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing and we can help you. Call us on 0800 759 0218 or email us.

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