Ramanjot Kaur – Tutor

She dreamed of becoming a doctor but chose the path less travelled. Rather than training in modern and dental sciences, Ramanjot opted to pursue natural and alternative medicine, training extensively in her homeland India before launching her career as an alternative medicine doctor.

It’s a journey that started 15 years ago, and Ramanjot’s interest and passion have never waned. She says her love of alternative medicines, and thirst for knowledge, get stronger every day. So much so, in fact, that she migrated to New Zealand 18 months ago to pursue post-graduate studies in Health Sciences – a qualification which she has recently completed.

A firm believer in the more you give, the more you learn, Ramanjot is now sharing her knowledge as a tutor at NCNZ, where she loves teaching students about the functioning of the human body, and different treatments and effects.

Over the years Ramanjot has become heavily involved in women’s and children’s health, with a particular interest in infertility, hormonal imbalances, gestational diabetes, pregnancy, post- childbirth and postmenopausal issues and diets. In her spare time, she looks after clients in an after-hours clinic offering naturopathy, ayurvedic and herbal treatments and therapies.

Top tip: Your natural health studies will enable you to achieve your goals – you just need patience, dedication, sincerity and regularity.

* Bachelor of Alternative Medicine and Surgery (Ayurvedic Medicine), Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga, Post-graduate Diploma in Health Sciences.