Stephanie Haughey – Tutor

Stephanie Haughey is deeply committed to guiding aspiring Natural Health Practitioners toward success, both in their academic journey and in their future careers. As a tutor at Aspire2 Health and Wellbeing Level 4, Stephanie collaborates closely with her colleagues to provide comprehensive support to students navigating the complexities of natural health education.

With a wealth of practical experience, Stephanie not only imparts academic knowledge but also shares insights gained from running her thriving clinic in Stratford. Specializing in Clinical Nutrition, Beauty, and Massage Therapy, Stephanie’s clinic serves as a testament to her dedication to holistic wellness.

Stephanie’s journey into Natural Health was sparked by her own struggles with skin issues, which led her to pursue a Diploma in Nutritional Science from NCNZ. Witnessing the transformative power of dietary and lifestyle changes on her own health inspired her to empower others on their wellness journeys.

In addition to her tutoring responsibilities, Stephanie actively engages with her local community, delivering talks on various health and wellbeing topics and collaborating with fellow professionals to optimize client outcomes. Her professional presence on social media platforms serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance on improving their health naturally.

Stephanie’s commitment to continuous learning is evident in her qualifications, including a Level 6 Diploma in Nutritional Science from NCNZ (now called Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing) and a Level 5 Diploma in Beauty Therapy from WITT. Her multifaceted expertise enables her to provide well-rounded guidance to students and clients alike.

Outside of her professional pursuits, Stephanie nurtures her connection to the community by collaborating with local businesses and advocating for holistic health practices. Her passion for empowering individuals to take control of their health extends beyond the classroom, making her a respected figure in both educational and community settings.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys exploring sustainable living practices with her family, emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with the land for personal and planetary healing.

*Diploma in Nutritional Science, Diploma in Beauty Therapy

Stephan Haughey