Jasmine Faiza

Graduate: New Zealand Level 4 Certificate Journey into Natural Health

My completion of NCNZ’s (now called Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing) Level 4 Journey into Natural Health Science stemmed from a professional desire. Working in a GP clinic, I am often navigating intricate medical notes sparking a desire to gain a deeper understanding of human anatomy and diverse health conditions. In June 2022, I embarked on this enriching journey, culminating in a sense of accomplishment and profound knowledge expansion.

A2HW’s distance learning format resonated deeply. Balancing career and academic pursuits can be a delicate dance, and the flexibility offered was truly invaluable. I could seamlessly weave modules into my schedule, embracing stolen moments between appointments or dedicating focused evenings after the clinic closed. This autonomy empowered me to upskill while fulfilling my professional commitments.

Initially, I confess to some trepidation. Juggling work and study demands felt daunting at first. However, A2WH’s exceptional support proved indispensable. Staff and tutors were readily available, offering guidance and encouragement. They helped me establish a sustainable rhythm, transforming my initial anxieties into confident strides.

The curriculum itself was a revelation. Its comprehensive scope delved into the intricate pathways of the human body, illuminating the mechanisms behind various health conditions. Learning about different systems, from the intricate dance of cells to the complex interplay of organs, fueled my intellectual curiosity and equipped me with invaluable knowledge.

Applying this knowledge in my workplace proved remarkably rewarding. I found myself deciphering medical jargon with newfound ease, able to understand and explain complex concepts to patients in a clear and concise manner. This deepened my professional interactions and fostered a greater sense of confidence in my career.

The assessments served as insightful gateways to gauge my progress. Their seamless alignment with the coursework ensured each step forward was a solid one. But beyond grades, the most valuable reward was the sense of personal accomplishment. Completing this program, amidst the rigours of my daily routine, was a testament to my dedication and the unwavering support of A2WH’s community.

I would recommend Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing’s Level 4 Journey into Natural Health to anyone seeking academic enrichment and practical knowledge. It is not just an educational program; it is a transformative journey, empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of health and well-being. The knowledge gained has not only enhanced my professional life but also enriched my personal understanding of the human body.

While many aspects of the program resonated deeply, the unwavering support from the staff and tutors remains the most enduring memory. Their understanding and encouragement were instrumental in my success, and for that, I am truly grateful.

A2HW provided me with not just a certificate, but a pathway to personal and professional growth. I encourage others to take this empowering journey and discover the immense value that awaits within the realm of natural health science.