Graduate: New Zealand Level 4 Certificate Journey into Natural Health

I Graduated from the Level 4 Journey into Natural Health in July this year. Previously I’d been doing bits and pieces, different courses here and there. But when I first saw NCNZ (now called Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing) on Facebook, boom! Suddenly all the pieces clicked. Their stuff just gelled with what I truly believe in – helping people, you know? Taking care of ourselves naturally. It felt right.

As for choosing A2HW? Well, nothing else out there even came close. Flexible online learning? Perfect for a homebody like me. Plus, with two little ones running around, it meant I could learn in between bedtime stories and laundry cycles. Sure, I was nervous at first, starting something new, but the A2HW crew? Super friendly, super supportive. They calmed my jitters faster than a lavender bath!

Having no set timetables was the best thing ever! I could jump online whenever it suited me, squeeze in modules between making lunches. Sometimes, I’d even snag study time while waiting to pick up the little ones. And the content? Holy moly, it was fascinating. From tiny little cells to the whole shebang of how our bodies work – each module felt like unwrapping a present. I was learning so much, my brain was practically buzzing.

I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was learning, it wasn’t just about filling my head with facts, it was about being able to use them. Now, I can give my friends and family informed suggestions, like natural remedies for that annoying cough or tips for better sleep. I even feel confident explaining stuff to them, like translating medical jargon into plain English.

As for the assignments, I am not gonna lie, they took some work. But they were good work, you know? Each one felt like a stepping stone, leading me deeper into this whole natural health world. The resources we received were fantastic! Articles, websites, references galore – everything I needed to geek out on any topic that caught my fancy.

I don’t always give myself enough credit, but when I got that certificate? I was beaming. It was a big deal, a real achievement. And the best part? I’m not stopping there. I have already started the Level 5 Diploma, digging even deeper into this fascinating world.

Would I recommend Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing? Absolutely, I already have, to a bunch of friends! It’s not just about learning fancy stuff about herbs, it’s about understanding yourself, your body, how everything connects. And the A2HW crew? They’re the best cheerleaders a student could ask for. So, if you’re even a tiny bit curious about natural health, do yourself a favour and check them out. You might just discover a whole new side to yourself, and hey, who knows where that journey might lead?