Gay-Lyn Mokrzecki – Tutor

Gay-Lynn’s interest in natural health was sparked when her ten-month-old son had recurring ear infections. Her doctor suggested naturopathic treatment, and after taking her son off dairy and wheat, the problem disappeared. The experience motivated her to pursue part-time naturopathy studies, and eventually she gave up her career as a chartered accountant to study naturopathy full-time. After graduating, Gay-Lynn spent six years working for one of Australia’s major natural supplement manufacturers, including also seeing clients in the clinics, before opening her own private naturopath clinic. She also lectured at the Australian College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed subjects towards a Graduate Diploma in Health Science (Nutritional Medicine).

After moving back from Australia to New Zealand, Gay-Lynn spent seven years working as a naturopath with one of the country’s leading retail health store franchises, providing advice, developing a national reference training guide and operating naturopathic clinics in five locations across Wellington and Manawatu. She’s been inspiring students at NCNZ since 2014.

Top tip: Follow your passion in natural health, naturopathy, herbal medicine and nutrition. There are plenty of opportunities in this industry for those with the drive to make their way, whether it be establishing their own natural health clinics or working for others in the industry.

* Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy) and Practitioner of Herbal Medicine, Bachelor of Science, Certificate in Animal Nutrition (Holistic Animal Therapy Organisation)