Graduate: New Zealand Diploma in Health & Wellness (Level 5)

I graduated from the Level 5 Diploma in Health & Wellness from NCNZ (now called Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing) in 2023. I started my learning journey with the objective of becoming a Naturopath. I knew I needed a path that wouldn’t compromise my life in Queenstown, juggling motherhood and a demanding schedule. A2HW’s distance learning emerged as the perfect answer – flexibility woven into every fibre of the program.

From the outset, things clicked. The platform was intuitive, a virtual haven of clear information and resources.

The lack of rigid timetables was perfect for me! Late nights, stolen moments between appointments – I squeezed modules into my life like puzzle pieces, the freedom empowering me to upskill without having to sacrifice my commitments.

I was constantly surprised by the practicality of what I was learning. I found myself understanding my colleagues’ hay fever like never before. Armed with A2HW knowledge and research skills, I dug into reputable sources, crafted natural remedy suggestions, and witnessed firsthand the power of this knowledge. Even helped my dad find relief from some ailments – seeing the impact was incredibly rewarding.

Assignments weren’t just tests; they were stepping stones, each one connected to the others, all the content readily available for deeper exploration. Graduation wasn’t just a ceremony; it was a personal victory, especially after conquering a particularly challenging assignment with the invaluable support and guidance of the A2HW tutors.

Would I recommend it? For anyone passionate about health and wellness, absolutely! The practical knowledge you gain is empowering and the general course flexibility means it is accessible to everyone!

Most memorable part? The entire journey! The positive vibes, the supportive tutors who shared their professional expertise and went the extra mile – they provided the tools and confidence to grow. A2HW wasn’t just a stepping stone; it was a launchpad. The skills and knowledge I gained fuel my naturopathic aspirations, paving the way for a degree and beyond.

If you’re seeking personal and professional growth within the realm of health and well-being, Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing awaits. Take the leap and discover the immense value that lies within.