From, Maggie MacNamara:

The recent floodwaters have receded from the little river that runs around one edge of the property, Te Waiongana; the lambs are all now safely delivered, thriving and bouncing around the paddocks in the sunshine.  It’s time to turn my attention back to the garden during this current brief dry spell and reconnect with the slower rhythms of mara and flora.  My hard labour and Mother Nature are still providing plenty of fresh foods: the last of the parsnips, celeriac and carrots to be harvested before they bolt; bulb fennel and mandarins ready to eat and the spring brassicas starting to head up will add to the remaining stored pumpkins and frozen/fermented summer produce.

I picked the first of the new season asparagus today (August 31st), which is likely the earliest ever!  So many lemons and limes await some form of preservation or recipe to capture their fresh fragrance and juiciness. Plus there’s always the herbs to enliven meals and maintain health.  The flush of mint is a welcome addition to the parsley and chervil of the winter months and the bitter hardy greens of endive and chicories complement the sweet citrus.

During the work of sifting compost, weeding and mulching vegetable beds with leaf mold for the coming growing season, I contemplate the current state of world events and feel very grateful that I am able to live lightly on this land in my endeavor to not impact others negatively with actions that may harm. By living consciously I make efforts to consider the impact of my purchasing decisions and use of resources.  Every action we take has an effect on our planet and we have the power to heal the harm being caused if we choose to act collectively.