UPDATE: 06 October 2020

Last night at NMHNZ committee meeting it was decided to extend provision for NCNZ students to join NMHNZ Inc until 31st December 2021 to enable new students in 2021 to be grandfathered across without requirement for bachelor’s degree. We are excited to be able to offer this alongside the update on our Degree.

  • NMHNZ requires prior NCNZ student membership for grandfathering provision.
  • Upon graduation, graduates will be provided 12 months free full membership as long as it is taken up within 3 months of date of diploma issued, although this benefit is subject to change at any time.

Link to the Student Membership Form

UPDATE: 11 September 2019

Tony Boyce (Aspire2 Director Quality Assurance), Rosanne Wilson (NCNZ Programme Delivery Manager) and Jacqui Finlayson (NCNZ Programme Coordinator)  attended a meeting in July 2019 with NMHNZ along with representatives from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine, Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, Endeavour College and the World Naturopathic Federation around NMNHZ membership.

The key outcomes of the meeting were:

  • NMHNZ committee members outlined that they want to align with the World Naturopathic Federation and as a consequence of this the need to have a degree for future membership. NMHNZ is also now promoting the possibility of a four year degree by 2025.
  • In response NCNZ has put a proposal to the Aspire2 Board to develop a degree qualification – this has been approved and will be progressed through NZQA and if approved we plan to enrol in 2021.
  • NMHNZ have provided a full pathway for all current NCNZ students so they can become members of their association.  This is a recent  change from them and you will need to join NMHNZ as a student member to benefit. This document is now available on our website for all students and NCNZ will fully support your applications
  • The association is providing an amnesty period for all NZ trained naturopaths (diploma or degree trained) from NCNZ  and other approved colleges who can show employment and continuing education in the field although may not have had steady full membership with a professional association so they can join their association as full members. NMHNZ have also provided an Amnesty document for NCNZ graduates which is  now available on our website.
  • Pathways to degree for current students – We are currently working with South Pacific College of Natural Medicine  and Endeavour College on articulation agreements for our students.  We will also provide a  pathway into our new degree for our students when it becomes available.
  • If necessary we will support our students with our own association but we don’t believe it will come to this.


Rosanne Wilson, Programme Delivery Manager [email protected]

Jacqui Finlayson, Programme Coordinator [email protected]