Sultana Zannat

Pharmacy Accuracy Checking Technician

Diploma in Health Science (Level 5) graduate

Currently studying Advanced Diploma in Health Science (Naturopathy and Nutrition) (Level 7)

Naturopathic College of New Zealand ( now called Aspire2 Health & Wellbeing)

Working in a community pharmacy is paving the way to a career in natural health for Sultana Zannat. Sultana recently graduated from A2HW with her Level 5 diploma and has now staircased onto Level 7. At the same time, she is continuing her good work as a pharmacy accuracy checking technician (PACT) for a pharmacy in Christchurch.

Tell us about yourself.

My upbringing was a combination of natural health and conventional medicine, but I’ve always had a particular interest in the natural health side. I wanted to understand the power and impact of natural health and use that knowledge to help others. Working in a pharmacy has made me realise that I can do so much to help my customers make better lifestyle choices. This has encouraged me to follow the path to become a naturopath.

Why A2HW?

A2HW’s online learning options were perfect for me – I could be with my family, continue my job and study at the same time!

You’ve already completed one A2HW qualification and now you’re onto your next. How are you enjoying your studies?

I’ve had great support from tutors and the team and I feel like I’m part of the family. I’ve learnt a lot and gained an enormous amount of knowledge about natural health, which I’m already able to apply (under supervision) in my work at the pharmacy. My studies have also taught me a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses.

Where to from here?

At the moment I’m continuing my PACT work in the pharmacy however I’m focusing more and more on natural health. It’s going very well and my colleagues and customers are very encouraging. I love to listen and help my customers in a more natural way, and when they come back for a visit and report positive outcomes, I feel very happy and satisfied.

My next goal is to finish my studies and become a qualified naturopath, and eventually open my own clinic. I feel very motivated to find the path that I’m passionate about – and that is to help others and make a difference.